How to make $500 monthly on fiverr

I know you will really love to hear about it but right now I am starting this year on fresh and colossal note! I am going to be showing you how to make $500 or more on fiverr monthly . Isn’t this cool?

Before we get started you need to know that what I am about to teach you is NOT:

  • a Ponzi scheme
  • a Get-rich-quick-scheme
  • a MLM
Let me show you what I have earned so far on far in the last 5 months of joining. See below:
how to make money on fiverr
My Earnings in 5 months

Having shown you my proof of earning from fiverr, Let me now show you how you can make $500 or more every month. But first, let me point out that before you can earn on fiverr, you must have a skill that you can market on fiverr. Watch out for my comprehensive list of 100 simple things that you can do on fiverr to earn money

Let me now show you how you can make $500 or more monthly on fiverr!


  • Visit the website here and create a free account
  • Update your profile and create your gigs (Your skill). This could be website design, blogging, article writing etc
  • After that, you will need to connect you account fiverr account to a source where you can withdraw your money. Payoneer will be best; Get a free Payoneer account here.

Watchout for PArt 2 of this article. Leave you questions on the comment page.

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