The fastest way I made my first sale on fiverr

The fastest way I made my first sale on fiverr

The greatest problem every fiver seller faces is how to make their first sales. One of the fastest ways to gain traction in the Fiverr marketplace is to enter a crowded niche with bigger players. Most beginners think, “It’s already been done,” or “There are already a lot of similar services like this out there,” or “There’s too much competition.”
Experienced marketers know competition is a good sign because it means a surplus of buyers. You never know if you could be the next featured seller. In fact, I see it happen all the time. I call them shooting stars (Fiverr calls them “rising stars”) – newcomers who catch the eye of the Fiverr editors and take off quickly, sometimes in a matter of weeks or months.


The first step to make a sale

For most sellers who want to make money with Fiverr, what they think they need is a long “To Do” list. As someone who studies conversions, I know that what you need to focus on first is the very
First step – get people to click on your gig. How you do this is by defining your value proposition, which answers the following question, “If I am your ideal Fiverr customer, why should I click your gig versus all the other similar gigs?”
Never copy another seller’ gig. Copying the Top Seller gigs to make your gig stand out is a poor strategy in my opinion because these gigs automatically get more clicks. The challenge is to study the sellers in your category who are actively selling gigs without the help of a Top Rated Seller badge.

Begin with the gig photo, video freeze frame, or gig title and ask yourself, “Why would I click on this gig? What do I find appealing? What could I do that is better or different?” Then create your gig with these answers in mind.
For example, if everyone in your category is using a video, then you be the one who doesn’t. If everyone shows a head shot, you be the one who doesn’t. If black is a predominant color on the page, use something more vibrant. The easiest way to get the click is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.
By not blending in with the crowd, you give the buyer something else to notice and click on the page. Make your gig noticeable in the Fiverr search results and you are more likely to get clicked.


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