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How to Hide Your WordPress Login Page From Hackers and Brute Force

WordPress is cool and it is quite easy to manage. Like every other CMS, security is the main issue. Believe me, hackers are everywhere testing WordPress sites for vulnerabilities. I did not believe the fact until I receive an email from one of the security plugin I am currently using stating that an IP address (from Russia) has tried to login to my WP dashboard. He was able to see my admin Login page because he knew I am using WordPress so all he did was to add /wp-admin to my website link and there he was at my dashboard login page. After a few attempts with brute force hacking method, he was unable to gain access and He was banned from visiting my website!

To prevent unnecessary access to your WP admin dashboard, there is need for you to hide the Admin Login Page from /wp-admin to anyone you choose to use.

Follow these simple steps as we hide your admin page from Hackers. First, Download this plugin called iThemes Security Pro. It is better you download the Pro version through the link below.

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1. First, log into your WordPress admin dashboard.

2. This article assumes that you already have iThemes Security Pro installed and activated. If you do not, you may download the premium version Below.

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3. Within your WordPress admin, hover over Security on the left side menu, and click on Settings.

4. From here, scroll down to the section labeled Hide Login Area.

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5. To enable hiding of your WordPress admin, check the box labeled Hide Backend.

6. After enabling the checkbox in the previous step, additional options will appear. In the Login Slug field, enter your new login location.

7. There are various other options available here, but the defaults should be fine for the majority of sites. If you experience issues, you may need to change the Enable Theme Compatibility or Theme Compatibility Slug options. These options will not be covered here as the reasoning for changing them can greatly vary.

8.Once your changes have been made, click Save All Changes. That is all! in our next update, we shall also bring you some other methods which you can use to protect your WordPress website.


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