Avoiding ATM Fraud and Scam in Nigeria

ATM in NIgeriaIt is no longer news that the financial sector of many nations has received a massive face-lift. Some years back, cash depositing, withdrawing or fund transfer will take a whole lot of time before any of these can be done.
But now with a few push of buttons, you can get your cash withdrawn from the ATM thanks to the invention of the Automated Teller Machine. But with the invention of ATMs came ATM fraud. Using the ATM has some little risks to it and that is the reason for the compilation of this writeup. Take the precautions below will help you not to be a victim of ATM fraud.

1. Beware of strangers offering to help you or needing assistance with an ATM transaction. Instead of helping anyone with any ATM transactions, alert the bank’s security officer. Some hoodlums might have stolen someone else’s ATM and give you to perform a transaction with it. Mind you, most ATM are equipped with an hidden camera. So the moment you offered to help a stranger, your face will be captured and the Police will come after you thinking you are the culprit. Be wise!

2. If someone is unusually lurking around the ATM or watching you, quickly cancel the transaction and alert the security personnel around the ATM.
3. While using the ATM, always and always cover the keypad with your other hand to prevent anyone or any hidden camera from taking a peek at your pass-codes
4. Avoid the temptation of writing your ATM anywhere, it might be seen or read by any one.
5. Avoid any ATM that is not well lit.
6. Always and always take note of unusual signs or any form of tampering on the ATM. If you notice any form of tampering or modification on any ATM, call the attention of the security officer around the bank.
7. Never respond to any email from demanding your ATM PIN or any sensitive information about your bank account.

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